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Introducing: Gween

Gween the penguin After finishing our first Steam game last year, there were many suggestions for what should come next. What was it going to be? We toyed with many ideas before our main artist, Jun, suggested Gween. We're still very much in the early stages of development, but wanted to share with you what we have so far... About Gween Gween is the name of a platformer about the only penguin in existence. Gween the penguin lives in an icy tundra populated by all sorts of things that like to eat penguins. Not wanting to be eaten, he spends his days inside his igloo, painting and watching TV.  One day, signal to his TV cuts out and he travels outside to fix the problem, instead getting sucked into wild new adventures with his flying fish friend, Filip. Gween and Filip  Gween moves like a penguin. He waddles around, slides on his belly, and swims gracefully. He can't fly. Penguins can't fly. But if Gween really tries, he might just be able to hover. He goes a lot of places