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Gween Update: 14th April 2021

  Hi all! It's been a while since our first post announcing Gween, so I thought I'd give an update on how things have been progressing since then. We've been very busy with the game since the last update and are almost ready to start introducing our first prototype levels and combat mechanics! The primary focus with development so far has been creating the movement system for Gween, and experimenting with different possible behaviours for moving. We want the movement set to reflect Gween's character and bring out his personality, so a lot of attention has been given to the fact Gween is a penguin with the way that he moves and interacts with objects. Here is what we have so far: New Model We wanted to start experimenting with procedural animations, and for this we needed a new model with a new rig. We've been exploring different types of lighting for Gween, including toon lighting. Honestly, he has never looked so good!         Prototype Sound Effects Penguins have